Optimization services

Tampon service new Optimization vecto 100-FIVES

Fives’ optimization philosophy is to maximize plants and production lines efficiency.

Main industry challenges are to combine enhanced production capacity and product quality, while reducing capital & operational expenses, and limiting plant environmental footprint.

To achieve these goals, cement and minerals companies require, among other thing:

  • Production capacity improvement
  • Environmental performance improvement (energy efficiency and environmental friendly)
  • Fuel consumption reduction per production unit
  • Fuel dependency and consumption decrease, lowering emissions and security improvement

As original equipment manufacturer and plant supplier, Fives offers a wide range of optimization solutions relying on high multi trades skills and strong process & mechanical experience.

To support its clients, Fives offers optimization services to:

  • Optimize plant performance
  • Develop client operation and maintenance skills with training programs
  • Limit gas emissions
  • Reduce energy consumption, either fossil or electrical
  • Develop alternative fuels processing
  • Improve end product quality

Fives' optimization services