Operation services

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Fives' operation services aim to provide to client's maintenance & production teams solutions to ensure the best possible availability of their facilities.

The main challenge to achieving a high level of availability is to ensure reliability of plant core process equipment, such as crushers, grinding mills, kiln, burners and filtration systems while keeping maintenance costs as low as possible.

Some of the key requirements to meet these goals for cement and minerals companies are:

  • Maintenance cost reductions
  • Emergency shutdown elimination
  • Technical expert assistance for expected and unexpected maintenance work

Benefiting from its process & mechanical experience of original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Fives offers the following services to support clients:

  • Optimize maintenance costs
  • Schedule and organize repairs and maintenance work
  • Extend equipment lifetime with OEM spare parts and proven repair solutions
  • Provide technical assistance support in maintenance activities
  • Design and execute tailor made projects upon client’s requirement
  • Enhance overall plant availability