Evolution services

Tampon service new Evolution vecto 100-FIVES

Fives evolution services philosophy is to improve or upgrade equipment and production process to maintain plants performance throughout their life cycle.

Fives offers services to facility owners, maintenance and production teams who are seeking to modernize their plants and enhance production capacities.

To achieve these goals, cement and minerals companies are looking for solutions to:

  • Increase overall production lineplant, key system or equipment capacities
  • Maintain or increase equipment performance throughout the plant life cycle

In that prospective, Fives offers evolution services, such as modernization or mechanical revamping  to:

  • Increase the production capacity using state-of-the-art methods, cutting-edge technologies and team expertise
  • Maintain equipment performance throughout the plant life cycle
  • Improve plant reliability with the latest equipment technologies
  • Propose comprehensive turnkey solution with guaranteed schedule and performance.

Using the proven know-how of its service team, Fives offer the highest degree of support from feasibility study, engineering, manufacturing and delivery up to site installation and commissioning.