Pyroprocessing systems

Fives designs and supplies pyroprocessing solutions which combine high industrial performances with sustainable development. These reliable and proven technologies reduce the operating costs & environmental footprint of its customer installation.

Fives’ process equipment, such as the low pressure drop FCB Preheater, FCB By-pass, FCB Zero-NOx Preca, FCB Kiln , TGT® and SONAIR™ process filters, enable to reduce energy consumption and polluting emissions as well as to use a wide variety of alternative fuels.

Burning line

Fives designs comprehensive integrated solutions for pyroprocess. Innovative technologies combined with renowned equipment enable Fives to meet customers’ requirements in terms of flexibility.

FCB Kiln

The FCB kiln features 2 or 3 supports. The tyres design and the upstream and downstream seals allow to improve the efficiency in terms of stability, sturdiness and sealing.

FCB Zero-NOx Preca

The FCB Zero-NOx precalciner can burn all types of fuels and can process up to 70% of coarse alternative fuels, with low CO and low NOx emissions.

FCB Preheater

The FCB Preheater implements low pressure drop cyclones which allow high heat efficiency and contribute to a low calorific consumption.

FCB By-pass system

The FCB By-pass system can extract up to 60% of the kiln gases to get rid of chlorine and sulfates introduced by raw materials or alternative fuels. The solution offered also allow the conditioning of bypass dust.

Fuels solutions

Fives has developed innovative and comprehensive solutions ranging from storage, preparation and handling to burning, to process conventional and alternative fuels in daily clinker production operations.