FCB Preheater

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The FCB Preheater is built within a concrete or a steel structure. It has a single string for small to medium capacities up to 5000 tpd, a double string beyond. Gases can be cooled with a water spray in the down corner.

Customer benefits

  • The top stage can reach 97% settling efficiency
  • Pressure drop of the line, including a 5 stage preheater, is less than 50 mbar
  • Heat and energy consumption is reduced
  • Reduction of dust load to filter

Technical advantages

  • Overall design to achieve a very low pressure drop
  • High heat exchange efficiency
  • Large cone to avoid build-up
  • Fan power reduction

Owing to the efficient splash boxes and tilt valves, the stability of the FCB Preheater is ensured even at reduced production rates.
Lower cyclones are equipped with segmented dip tubes, which better resist to chemical corrosion at high temperatures.

FCB low pressure drop cyclone


FCB cyclone dip tube


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