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The FCB Kiln can be supplied with 2 or 3 supports, with a girth gear or a friction drive. The efficiency of the FCB Kiln is improved by the tyres design and the upstream & downstream seals.

The FCB Kiln is a long lasting equipment with some exceptional references: the largest one ever built in Belgium in 1975, with a size Dia. 7.1 x 227 m, is still in operation.

Customer Benefits


  • With a low clearance in operation, floating shims is a simple technique which ensures a long life of the refractory lining and requires easy maintenance.
  • The roller station benefits from a trouble-free oil lubrication system.
  • The moulded end parts of downstream seal can last several years.
  • All seals (downstream and upstream) can be supplied separately.

 Technical Advantages


  • Floating shims are machined to minimize stress and wear.
  • Sturdiness and good behaviour of the roller station are ensured by the swivelling of the bearings and the use of Main Metall® bushings allowing high pressures.
  • A sturdy thrust roller operates a scanning movement of the kiln which equalizes the wear of the roller.
  • The newest experience demonstrates that the kiln outlet seal refractories can withstand severe conditions more than one year without repair. A patented system with embedded fans and no scales is also offered as an alternative.
  • The heat-protected jacks of upstream seal compensate the kiln movements and ensure a perfect tightness.


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