Grinding systems

Fives supplies complete tailor-made solutions integrating innovating proprietary equipment for new grinding systems or modernization projects.

Fives has developed its own and proven test bench for mill sizing to reach the best accuracy with the minimum logistics. The FCB-Index grindability test only requires 50 kg of material to define precisely:

  • The specific energy to grind a given material when using an optimized closed circuit grinding plant with the FCB TSV™ Classifier
  • The characteristics of the finished product that will be obtained in the a.m. industrial optimized circuit
  • The corrective solutions to reach the optimum performances from an existing industrial grinding plant.

Thanks to this unique test bench, Fives can size any new grinding installation or define the necessary modifications to optimize an existing installation, while determining their expected performances.

FCB Rhodax® 4D

FCB Rhodax® 4D is a vibrating cone crusher able to replace 2 to 3 stages of crushing and grinding. It enables up to 30% energy savings compared to traditional crushing technologies, a constant product quality, high flexibility and the highest reduction ratio.

FCB Horomill®

The FCB Horomill® is a breakthrough technology in the field of in-bed compression grinding. It enables producers to improve their grinding plant operation.
The FCB Horomill® offers the lowest energy consumption and a higher cement quality with lower Blaine. It is the only mill that grinds high fineness OPC or additives cements without any water injection.

FCB B-mill

The ball mill is traditionally the basic technology in a cement plant and is a very reliable machine.
It is particularly well adapted to the grinding of products at high fineness, very abrasive products and solid fuels, as well as to a wide range of minerals.

For large size, Fives has developed the FCB B-mill, using a pioneering technology which consists in supporting the tube mill by tyres integrated into the mill shell, sliding on shoe bearings. This technology guarantees a minimized maintenance cost.

FCB TSV™ Classifier

Thanks to its flexible design, the FCB TSV™ Classifier is perfectly adapted to a large range of industrial applications, for separation of the fine product and the coarse material.
The FCB TSV™ Classifier efficiency results in :

  • a minimal bypass allowing the maximal grinding efficiency of the mill,
  • an extremely steep slope of the Tromp curve with a strong reduction of coarse particles in the product
  • the optimization of the target values of fineness and the consequent increase of capacity.

FCB Flash dryer / FCB Aerodecantor

Fives proposes the most adapted solution for wet product drying, according to the product and the specific needs of the installation:

Typical dryers such as rotary kiln and rotary dryer for granular and medium size raw material
Ball mill inlet flash dryer for ball mill feed grainsize distribution from 0 to 30 mm
Classifier inlet flash dryer for fine and granular products
Aerodecantor for fine, granular  and medium sized products in a grinding circuit.

FCB E-mill

The FCB E-mill is a very reliable grinding mill based on a robust and proven design. It offers low maintenance and a constant product quality.
Furthermore, the material bed grinding concept allows for a reduction of 50% of the power consumption compared to the ball mill.
The FCB E-mill is perfectly adapted for grinding solid fuels (coal, petcoke) and gypsum.