Control & optimization systems

Nowadays having the best equipment is not enough. The key to success is to have the means of control and the right tools to obtain the best performances. Thanks to its expertise in grinding process and pyroprocess, Fives offers a wide range of control and optimization solutions. These systems of analysis, control and optimization allow to improve the efficiency and performances of new and existing plants in terms of product quality, energy efficiency and production output.


Continuous on-stream analysis of mineral phases of the product for a responsive and optimized control of the production line.

FCB Opti-Bmill™

The on-line ball mill optimization system developed by Fives for on-line optimization and automated control enhances the mill performances while ensuring  consistent product quality.

FCB Opti-Kiln™

The on-line burning process optimization system developed by Fives controls the pyroprocess parameters to improve the line energy efficiency and optimize the clinker quality.


The raw mill optimization program developed by Fives for optimization and automated control of the raw meal ensures better stability of the product for smoother burning operations.