The FCB Horomill® workshop has been awarded the Fives Engineered Sustainability® brand

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The FCB Horomill® cement grinding system has been recently awarded the Engineered Sustainability® brand for its cement application. The brand rewards Fives technologies which demonstrate the best combination of environmental and operational performance.

The Engineered Sustainability® certification acknowledges all the benefits the FCB Horomill® circuit provides in terms of energy efficiency, production flexibility, reliability and overall performance. These are all key characteristics for the “Plant of the future”:

·        In environmental terms: it saves up to 20% electricity consumption compared to vertical mill and up to 50% compared to ball mill. In addition, it is water-free (while other technologies like vertical mill require 3-4% of water per ton of cement produced), which avoids the need for additional heat consumption for drying, while also improving the product quality.

·        In terms of quality: cement produced with an FCB Horomill® workshop demonstrates a product quality either equivalent or even better to the cement produced with other grinding technologies (Ex: up to +10% strength at 28 days obtained in the Darica site in Turkey). The FCB Horomill® circuit maximizes the quantum of additives that can be used for blended cement (Ex: Production with a C/k ratio at 1.8 at Republic Cement - the Philippines), thus reducing the environmental impact and costs linked to cement production, a strategic objective for cement producers. 

·        High flexibility: The FCB Horomill® workshop provides optimal grinding of a wide range of materials (Ex: A cement plant in Germany is able to grind up to 8 different products in the same day), with transition time between products under 10 minutes, vs. 35 minutes for other technologies.

·        Easier and more efficient maintenance: the FCB Horomill® workshop, compared with vertical mill technology, reduces overall maintenance costs and improves maintenance times, providing higher availability.

A demanding initiative

Developed by the Group in 2012, the “Engineered Sustainability®” brand is an ambitious eco-design initiative. It is granted to technologies that have undertaken a rigorous review of their environmental impact and areas for improvement as well as a quantification of their performance compared to other technologies available in the market.

To date, 12 products have received the “Engineered Sustainability®” brand, and around ten eco-design projects are under way. 

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