France – Kiln revamping for LafargeHolcim

Fives has completed the kiln shell replacement at Val d’Azergues plant for LafargeHolcim.

In July 2018, LH signed with Fives FCB a contract for the replacement of 9m kiln downstream shell at Val d’Azergues plant, including the replacement of one tyre, roller and seal.
Site installation and preliminary works started in the beginning of January 2019.
Mid-January, replacement works were initiated: ducts were dismantled for crane access, old pieces of equipment were disassembled, including cutting and removal of the downstream shell section.

Then, implementation of the new shell section with the tyre was carried out:
- Assembling on the ground of the tyre on the kiln shell, with all pads
- Alignment and positioning of the tyre and final fixation
- Lifting of the new shell section, with tyre, by a 750-ton crane and fixation to the kiln by Submerged Arc Welding.
Maintenance of the hydraulic thrust, kiln bearings and replacement of one roller and kiln outlet seal were also performed.

Both replacement of the cooler by LH and installation of the shell and tyre by Fives were completed at the same time, making coactivity an important factor to take into account. For the whole duration of the works, no accident was reported. 

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