Fives to supply a new FCB Rhodax®

Fives FCB has been awarded for the supply of an FCB Rhodax® 600 4D (4 drives) to revamp an existing crushing plant.

FCB Rhodax® will be fed by material from an arc furnace. It will be running in closed circuit with a screen and a sifter in order to extract the -3mm +1mm grainsize fraction.

The energy challenge is twofold: on one hand, the simpler flow sheet allows to install less power and reduce the maintenance; on the other hand, the process aims at reducing the production of -1mm fraction, which is recycled in the furnace, as far as possible. The original process of FCB Rhodax® allows for recycling one portion of the -1mm fraction back to the crusher in order to limit the hourly production of this fraction.

This project is a wonderful example of a sustainable development for our customer.