FCB Horomill® starting soon in Lagunas, Oaxaca plant - Mexico

In spite of the strong slow down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Fives has continued its erection work in Mexico.

Illustration News Lagunas HRM producing soon-FIVES

Now that the no-load tests and adjustments on equipment have been completed and the load tests have been performed on the upstream part related to the storage and preparation of raw materials, our FCB Horomill® 4000 is ready to start producing in Lagunas, Oaxaca, Mexico.

We are now waiting for the client to start its kiln and make available its new raw meal silo. Start-up date is scheduled for the first week of January.
The 2nd FCB Horomill® 4000 installed at Hidalgo plant is expected to start about 3 months later.