License agreement for the supply of the on-line analyzer, COSMA™

In November 2012, Fives FCB finalized a license agreement with the company FCT ACTech for the marketing and supply of the COSMA™ system (Continuous On-Stream Mineral Analyzer). This development allows Fives to enlarge its range of products & services in the field of process control optimization and strengthens its offer of efficient, innovative, comprehensive and integrated solutions.

The advanced technology of the COSMA™ system, using X-Ray diffraction, provides automatic and direct measurement of mineral phases of all types of material analyzed, from clinker to cement and minerals. The on-line and real-time data trends enable an automated process monitoring and control (burning lines & grinding units for cement industries, raw material and separation process for mineral industries). Installed either on new lines or existing lines within revamping projects, the system offers many benefits in terms of reliability and operational performance as well as attractive return on investment:

  • reduced fuel & energy consumption
  • increased output
  • reduced polluting emissions
  • improved product consistency…

This state-of-the-art technology, combined with Fives FCB’s process optimization solutions, offers a unique, innovative and reliable solution to Cement and Minerals producers in order to improve their production efficiency, reduce operating costs and gain a more consistent quality product.

We are extremely pleased to have reached this agreement with Fives FCB. The innovative COSMA™, developed to improve the production efficiency and product quality in cement manufacture, raises the bar in process control where we believe real time continuous measurement will increasingly become the norm. Fives FCB is an excellent partner for the deployment of this value adding technology to industry.

Constantine MANIAS
MD of the FCT group