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FCB Nova-Gear® is a unique and patented industrial on-site machining solution for girth-gear on rotating tubes. It operates in automatic mode, with proven machining technology, to reshape teeth with the highest quality and safety levels. Thus, it extends the girth gear lifetime.

It is the alternative solution to girth-gear reversal. When associated with FCB Scan Gear™ diagnosis tool, FCB Nova-Gear® is a comprehensive service for girth gear survey and reshaping.

Customer benefits

  • Correction of wear defects at the lowest cost
  • Quality measurements before and after on-site works
  • Detailed diagnosis and report with adapted manufacturer recommendations
  • Quick on-site works without dismantling or shutting-down the equipment to limit the impact on the production
  • Commitment on results and guarantees on the geometry and surface quality


  • Refurbishment of any large, straight cut toothed girth-gear installed on rotating tubes (kiln, mill, dryer, calciner, …)
  • Tooth width: 400 to 850 mm
  • Module : 20 to 40
  • External diameter: 3,600 to 12,000 mm
  • Correction of wear defects arising on tires, rollers, tire lateral side, thrust roller
  • Works done on all types of mills (tires, shoe) and rotating tubes (calciners, kilns, dryers) regardless of the manufacturer
  • Repair of all type of surface deteriorations: faceting, scratches, scaling, material creep, flatness defects, conicity of rolling components, concentricity…

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