FCB Zero-NOx Preca

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The FCB Zero-NOx Preca can be used with a wide variety of fuels (oil, coal, natural gas, petcoke, anthracite) and a high proportion of AFR (oils and solvents, plastic, wood or tyre chips).
Already reaching less than 500 mg/Nm³ NOx with petcoke, the FCB Zero-NOx Preca provides evolutions to go down to 200 mg/Nm³, with air staging and SNCR injections.

Customer benefits

  • The staged combustion which initiates burning at very low air ratios, minimizes emissions.
  • The FCB Zero-NOx Preca can burn all types of fuels.
  • Waste tyres chips up to 250 mm large have been burnt. Up to 60% coarse ASF can be accepted.
  • NOx production less than 500 mg/Nm³ with petcoke.
  • Ignition is very quick and a high burn-out is obtained without CO emission.

Technical advantages

  • The Fives hot-spot precalciner  is equipped with a multichannel, Low-NOx burner.
  • The meal distribution is ensured by an efficient splash box and ring chamber.
  • The air flow is regulated with a sturdy, air-cooled tertiary air damper.
  • Alternative solid fuels feed the FCB Zero-NOx Preca by gravity and fall right into the center of the flame.






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