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Upon material characteristics (particle size distribution, moisture content, clogging) and specific needs of the installation (feeding options), Fives selects the most adapted drying solution.

The feed particle size distribution (PSD) will determine the Flash design in most of the cases.
A Venturi will be used if the feed PSD is below 4 mm. With a coarser feed, a FCB Aerodecantor will certainly be a better option.
A hammer mill (Shredder) can be placed in the Flash pipe in order to crush agglomerates, initially present in the feed or formed during the drying process.
Then, the final product grain size can be controlled by the addition of the FCB TSV Classifier™ on the top of the Flash dryer. The TSV™ rejects can be removed from the circuit or milled.  A portion can be recirculated directly in the flash especially when it is equipped with an internal mill.
The dry product can be collected through a cyclone and/or a bag house.

Customer benefits

  • Dry product reduces milling circuit wear and maintenance
  • Reduced classifier fan power
  • Reduced thermal consumption and ID fan on power draw especially when there is no need to dry the coarser fraction
  • Lower investment cost VS rotary dryer
  • Lower footprint VS rotary dryer. Can be installed in narrow spaces in existing plants
  • No mechanical components, so low maintenance

Technical advantages

  • Reduced classifier load. Increases FCB TSV™ Classifier efficiency and reduces sometimes the classifier size
  • Optimizes the drying process. Coarse particles are partially dried and recirculated to the grinding circuit
  • Avoids autogenous milling and further PSD evolution and ultrafines production
  • Large turndown range
  • Drying and classifying stages in one
  • Many possible flow sheets and feeding arrangements :
    . top of TSV™
    . in the flash dryer
    . mix between TSV™ and flash dryer
    . partial recirculation with external or internal grinding loop


  • From 2% to 25% moisture feed
  • Feed PSD up to 80 mm with FCB Aerodecantor
  • Best option for fine feed size < 4 mm
  • Convenient for all types of materials from soft to abrasive
  • Especially adapted for fly ash, slag, pozzolana, industrial minerals, limestone

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