FCB Opti-Bmill™

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FCB Opti-Bmill™ is a modular intelligent system for on-line optimization and automated control of the ball mill grinding unit.

Integrated in the existing process control system, it controls and regulates automatically the process parameters of the mill according to the recipe and targeted fineness and based on the actual operating parameters (recirculation flow, electronic ears, absorbed power, separator air flow, elevator power…).

FCB Opti-Bmill™ system determines the theoretical production volume and adjusts automatically the circulation load and the separator speed when combined with an online Particle Size Analyzer.

The main functionalities of FCB Opti-Bmill™ are:

  • Pre-set of the product recipes
  • Optimization of the product load inside the mill
  • Optimization of the ball load inside the mill
  • Optimization and online checking of the product fineness owing to on-line Particle Size Analyzer

 Customer benefits

  • Stabilization of the mill process
  • Improvement of the grinding system automation for easier operators’ work
  • Higher reliability of the production operations
  • Reduction of the energy consumption
  • Increased mill output
  • Enhanced product quality consistency and stability, in line with the targeted recipe

 Technical advantages

  • Integration in the existing Process Control System
  • High reliability of the controls
  • Possible remote monitoring
  • Recording of the process data history
  • Combination with a Continuous On-Stream Mineral Analyser (COSMA™) for enhanced product quality

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