Algeria - Cement grinding mill installation at Chlef production line for E.C.D.E. (GICA group)

On April 8, 2017, Fives installed the first FCB B-mill fitting the cement grinding plant of the 6,000tpd clinker production line in Chlef, Algeria.

News Chlef cement grinding mill picture-FIVES

Following the FCB Kiln erection (Ø 5.1 x L 82 m) in February 2017, Fives started in early April the installation of the first cement grinding mill (out of three).

A heavy lifting jack crane system sliding on rails was required to install the 4.8x17.8-meter shell and 98.5-ton gearbox inside its specific finished building.

The drastic safety conditions supervised by Fives' team made this operation a success.

Grinding mills no.2 and no.3 will be installed soon to complete the cement grinding plant. It will finally feature 3x160t/h FCB B-mills (5,320kW each) along with their associated FCB TSV™ 4500 HF Classifiers.