Process & Mechanical expertise

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Relying on its long experience as equipment & plant designer and the capabilities of its Research & Testing center, Fives has a large expertise in process and mechanics. Fives’ expertise applies to various processes, either on new plant projects or on modernization operations, from crushing to end-product packing, both for grey and white cement:

  • Crushing
  • Grinding (ball mills or bed compression mills)
  • Pyroprocessing (preheating, burning line)
  • Alternative fuel solutions
  • Control and Optimization
  • Filtration and pollution control

Process expertise

Process design

In-house computation programs have been developed to simulate the operation of process workshops (grinding, separation and burning) in order to:

  • give guidance to sizing
  • define specific recommendations
  • specify the expected performances

Expert systems have also been designed to optimize process parameters during production operations (FCB Opti-Kiln™, FCB Opti-Bmill™, FCB Opti-RMX™…).

CFD modelling

CFD software is widely used for the design of flows, combustion and heat exchanges.

Mechanical expertise

For many years, Fives has been developping and supplying sustainable equipment for cement and minerals industries. Innovative proprietary equipment such as the FCB Horomill® and the FCB Rhodax® are renowned and enable producers to enhance their plant’s performances in terms of energy savings and product quality. Fives’ expertise also ensures the reliability of conventional equipment such as the FCB kiln or the FCB B-Mill.

  • Mechanical computing used to reach optimization
  • In-house software developed to establish the sizing of heavy mechanical parts of proprietary equipment. 
  • Assessment of the fatigue effect
  • Resistance of materials to abrasion tested with a dedicated device.

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