Cam Pha grinding plant, Vinaconex (Vietnam)


  • Grinding plant capacity: 240 tph
  • First Twin-FCB Horomill® in operation worldwide
  • Electrical consumption of the grinding plant below 24 kWh/t

In 2004, the Vietnamese cement company Vinaconex decided to install a clinker production line in the north of the country, near Cam Pha, to answer the huge demand of cement in this area. For this project, Vinaconex awarded Fives FCB with a contract for the design and supply of a 240 tph cement grinding plant fitted with a Twin-FCB Horomill®.

Vinaconex decided to invest in the most modern equipment for its grinding plant and chose the FCB Horomill® technology developed by Fives. For this project, two FCB Horomill® 3800 grinding mills were required to ensure a cement production capacity of 240 tph for PCB40 quality.

Fives proposed to install its new concept of “Twin-FCB Horomill®”, which consists in the combination of two identical FCB Horomill® grinding mills in closed circuit operating simultaneously with a large-sized FCB TSV™ Classifier.

This technology brings many advantages: 

  • lowest energy consumption
  • zero water consumption
  • better product quality with lower clinker ratio
  • higher cement quality with less Blaine.

The Cam Pha Twin-FCB Horomill® grinding plant produces more than 240 tph of cement with a total electrical consumption below 24 kWh/t.

This Twin-FCB Horomill® cement grinding plant was the first to be supplied worldwide.

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