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The origins

Fives’ Cement | Minerals Business line results from various mergers, acquisitions and is created from three main companies: Fives Pillard, Fives Solios Inc. and Fives FCB.

1920 – Pillard  Frères was created by A. and M. Pillard brothers in France. The company first concentrated on fuel oil burning techniques, especially for marine boilers.

1933 – Fives' entry into the cement industry began with the acquisition of Société des Etablissements Dalbouze & Brachet. The company was established in France and specialized in the supply of equipment for cement manufacturing. 

1982 – Procedair Industries was created in Montreal (Canada), a subsidiary of Air Industries, which specialized in industrial dust collection.

A tradition of pioneering technologies and international project management

FCB entered the international market and quickly met success with significant orders for complete cement plants and pyro processing lines:
1953 - 1972 – Supply of 4 kilns recorded as the largest by capacity, installed at the Obourg cement plant, Belgium.
1957 - 1958 – Orders for the supply of 3 complete cement plants in Turkey, Iraq and Brazil.
1958 – Construction of the world’s largest cement plant (5,700 tpd) in Atchinsk, Siberia.
1975 – FCB developed its range of equipment for dry process and extended its experience as a turnkey contractor, supplying complete cement plants in Libya, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt.

1985 - 1988 – Air Industries developed and patented the Enhanced-All-Dry (EADTM) dry-scrubbing system and tested the technology in the powerplant at Gardanne, France.

1987 – Air Industries developed the long bag TGT® Filter and obtained the first contract for supplying the cement industry.

1989 – Pillard patented the RotaFlam® burner and installed it first at the Lägerdorf cement plant in Germany 

1992 – Following the development of a new-concept grinding mill, FCB received an order from Buzzi for supplying the first FCB Horomill® in Italy.

1996 – Procedair Industries installed a TGT® Filter in a cement plant in USA, making it the first long bag filter technology in this country.

2009 – The new Pillard NovaFlam® burner was developed for rotary kilns. 

Three companies expanding through mergers and acquisitions…

1957 – The Pillard Feuerungen subsidiary was created in Germany.

1966 – Fives acquired a majority stake in the company Appareils Dragon, which specialized in the field of building materials preparation. 

1972 – Pillard Frères became EGCI Pillard (Entreprise Générale de Chauffage Industriel) 

1973 – Following the merger with the boiler maker Babcock-Atlantique, Fives adopted the name of Fives-Cail Babcock. FCB was born.

1975 – FCB took over Venot-Pic thus completing its resources and extending its range of products to the field of mining and mineral industries.

1987 – Air Industries merged with Syprim to become Syprim Air Industries Environnement (SAIE), which changed its name to Procedair Industries in 1991.

1988 –The Spanish subsidiary Pillard Espaňa S.A. was created.

2000 – FCB Ciment was created after FCB split into 3 divisions: Aluminium, Sugar and Cement. 

2003 – Procedair Industries became Solios Environnement. 

2004 – Pillard opened Pillard (Tianjin) International Trading Co Ltd. in China. 

2012 – Fives FCB acquired the business portfolio of CLE, the cement plant division of the Technip Group, thus strengthening its position in the Service market.

2012 – Fives Pillard extended its activities to India through the acquisition of CBL Combustions Systems Pvt. Ltd, which was renamed Fives Combustion Systems Pvt. Ltd.

… before joining the Fives Group

1969 – Pillard became a subsidiary of Fives.

1984 – The air pollution control division of Air Industries joined Fives.

2008: Pillard EGCI and FCB Ciment were renamed respectively Fives Pillard and Fives FCB and adopted the new visual identity shared by all the Fives Group’s companies. 

2014: Fives gathered all its activities under a single brand and created 19 business lines. The Cement | Minerals business line specializes in the design, supply and installation of core process equipment and complete plants. Its offer includes technologies in crushing, grinding, pyro-process, combustion and gas treatment, developed by 3 companies: Fives FCB, Fives Pillard and Solios Environnement Inc.
With an extensive experience in industrial engineering and contract execution, Fives Cement | Minerals' dedicated teams – 500 strong in France, Spain, Germany, Canada, USA, Mexico, India, Brazil, China, and Russia – have proven operational excellence in dealing with major projects worldwide. 

2015 - Solios Environnement Inc. was renamed Fives Solios Inc.