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Engineering is the core business of Fives. Fives’ expertise relies on teams of highly experienced engineers and designers,covering multidisciplinary expertises. 
Their expertise covers :

  • Mechanical
  • Plant and system
  • Civil and structure
  • Electricity, automation and instrumentation

Fives engineers can manage any kind of engineering activities, from a single workshop basic design to complete turnkey plants.

Mechanical design

Thanks to its great expertise, either on advanced or conventional technologies, Fives realizes the design and detailed engineering of cement plant and mineral grinding systems.

Benefiting from CAD tools, in-house finite calculation and CFD modeling capabilities, Fives carries out the sizing, mechanical development and integration studies, specifications and general arrangement drawings.

Fives drives its engineering process, complying to strong internal standards and routines to develop its grinding, pyroprocessing, combustion and filtration proprietary equipment:

  • Fives environment-friendly standards
  • Hazard & safety risks analysis during design
  • Systematic multidisciplinary expertise reviews

The entire equipment and solutions portfolio is managed through a product line organisation.

Plants and systems integration

Fives high level process engineers have a large experience of complete plants and systems integration, either for greenfield & brownfield projects, or plants and workshops revamping.

To master and control the engineering execution, dedicated technical engineering coordination is mobilized during all the project phases, during all its completion:

  • Basic design
  • Preliminary sizing of the project
  • Detail design
  • Integration engineering of the plant
  • Purchased equipment specification
  • Plant commissioning
  • Performance tests completion

Civil and Structure engineering

Thanks to its civil engineering skills, Fives can manage the design of any kind of civil and structural work:

  • Whether they are in reinforce concrete or in steel structure
  • Complex buildings (preheater tower, prestressed silos, concrete block for vibrating equipment,…)
  • Auxiliary buildings (administrative buildings, maintenance workshop,…)
  • Infrastructure (roads, networks, bridges,…)...

The studies are carried out taking into account:

  • the technical data of the project: process, equipment, electrical…
  • the project execution specific features: erection, transport loading gauge, logistics, offshore construction,…
  • the local constraints: local structure calculating code, wind and seismic loads regulations of the concerned country, type of materials available, nature and characteristics of the field,…

Fives civil engineering experts are in constant relationship with the production sites (worksites, manufacturing workshops…) in order to quickly bring technical solutions to any demand or unexpected events.

Electricity, Automation and Instrumentation engineering

Fives integrates the electrical, automation and instrumentation engineering in a comprehensive approach to deliver global solutions:

  • Competencies in high and low voltage equipment, instrumentation and plant integration
  • Skilled process control engineers
  • High quality level of automation detail programming
  • Involved in the plants commissioning teams
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