Chelm grinding plants, Cemex (Poland)

  • Contract dates 2002 and 2007
  • Commissioning dates 2003 and 2008
  • Modernization of 3 cement grinding plants

In order to optimize its production of cement, Cemex Poland decided to upgrade its cement grinding facilities in Chelm (which was initially a RMC plant) by replacing its first generation dynamic separator with a FCB TSV™ Classifier.

In this regard, Cemex signed with Fives FCB, in a first step, a contract for the supply of the cement grinding plant no.9 main equipment and, in a second step, a new contract for the supply of a FCB TSV™ Classifier with bag filter for the cement grinding plants no.8 and no.10.

In 2002, Cemex Poland awarded Fives FCB with a contract for the supply of all new equipment for its cement grinding plant no.9.

In 2007, satisfied with this upgrade, Cemex decided to modernize two other identical plants. The contract involved the supply of all new equipment, including a FCB TSV™ Classifier and  filters for the grinding plants no.8 and no.10.

Following the modernization of these three grinding plants, the reduction of coarse particles in the cement provided a better cement quality and enabled the producer to choose a lower Blaine target and optimize the production output.

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