Argos, Harleyville (USA)

REF-Lafarge Harleyville-FIVES
  • Design and supply
  • (1) Preheater kil and raw mill TGT® filter
  • Engineered and supplied in 6 months

Fives designed and supplied to Argos in Harleyville, South Carolina, (1) TGT® filters for the preheater kiln and raw mill .  The project was executed in 6 months from engineering start to supply on site.  The filter was started up in 2004.

The existing reverse air baghouse was replaced with a state-of-the-art low pressure cleaning, long bag TGT® filter.  Engineering included the complete modeling of the baghouse and duct inlets to insure optimum flow and dust distribution to reduce overall pressure and insure filtration efficiency.

Site installation supervision, start-up and commissioning services were also supplied by Fives to insure the success of the project.

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