Kiln seal replacement

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Fives proposes efficient and reliable kiln sealing systems. The FCB sealing system can be implemented on any kiln. By choosing Fives’ seals to revamp their operating kiln, cement producers are benefiting from significant energy savings while increasing their production level.


Technical advantages 

  • Unique technology using forced convection for regular and efficient cooling of the kiln
  • Sealing ring featuring sliding sectors for better sealing
  • Sealing system equipped with wearing plates for easy maintenance
  • Steel retaining ring placed inside the shell, covered with refractory concrete
  • FCB nose ring equipped with bricks that perfectly fit the kiln shape
  • Compact size to be implemented on any kind of kiln

Customer benefits

  • Reduction of mechanical strengths and shell deformations in the area thanks to efficient cooling
  • Great stability of the kiln
  • Significant energy savings due to increased kiln sealing (false air entry, particle projections…) 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduction of kiln stoppage due to bricks displacements and bricks falls reduction
  • Extended lifetime of the nose-ring plate (30 months guaranteed)

Technical advantages 

  • Levers increasing the distance between the pneumatic cylinders and the hot shell
  • Small contact surface between the 2 rings to reduce energy consumption
  • Upstream seal designed to follow the kiln movement and deformation
  • Jack protection from heat

Customer benefits

  • Significant energy savings 
  • High reliability
  • High resistance to wear

The FCB upstream seal has proven its performance on many references, where it has been operating during several decades.

Key references

  • SLN (New Caledonia)
  • CCB, Gaurain (Belgium)
  • Calcia, Couvrot (France)
  • Calcia, Gargenville (France)
  • Cemento El Salvador, Metapan (Salvador)
  • Calcia, Bussac (France)

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